Feeling Bored? Read This!

Technology has created a stale society that is leaving people with dusty minds.

When technology is not around, taken away, or when someone is actually sick of watching tv, they don't know what to do with themselves.

Most likely that person will check in with each person in their house wondering what everyone else is doing.

More often than not, everyone else in the house is glued to their own piece of technology... or eating.

Being bored is your chance to find out who you really are. I ask so many people what they like to do. And they have no clue!

This is the perfect time to find what life has to offer you, and what you can offer it!

Most times your talent comes barreling in to your life during a time when you least expect it- when you are trying something new.

And then your talent washes you away into a land you never knew existed. It is the greatest feeling because there are so many wonderful things you can discover.

Give yourself permission to be creative with your time. I promise you, boredom will become a long distant friend of yours.

Below are some activities you can try, but when you think of these activities... don't think of them in their natural state... you can get as creative as you want.


Think outside the box.


Who would have thought that paddle board yoga would go together and be so fun?!

Kayaking, hiking, painting, poetry, working out, blogging, cooking, refurbishing furniture, sewing, meditating, reading, gardening, exploring, going to museums, running races, collecting, antiquing.


Go have FUN!



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