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   Julie Kraus

              Intuitive Life Coach 

I thoroughly enjoy what I do.  It is extremely fulfilling and reminds me daily that in order to "see" and receive, you need to believe first. 

I have been "seeing" and "talking" to higher realms since I was young, but have truly embraced it professionally in the past six years.  As the confidence in my abilities grew, the stronger my relationship has gotten with the multiverse.  

Today I help others receive messages from their loved ones on the other side, find actions steps that can propel them onto their highest path from their spirit guides, and show them evidence that they are not alone here in the physical world.   

I also teach others how they too can communicate with energy.  More and more people are becoming aware that we are far more powerful and have way more gifts than what our five senses posses.  

How can you start becoming aware of your abilities?  Follow the nudges.  Your nudges.  The ones that feel expansive, give you chills, and maybe even a little nerve wracking! 


-Certified by Integrative Wellness Academy in Life Coaching in 2016

-Student of School of Mystical Arts with James Van Praagh in 2017

-Worked under world renowned psychic, Elizabeth Joyce in 2017

-Attunement of "Golden Ropes" from Dustin Parent 2017

-Diploma in Modern Demonology For Paranormal Investigators in 2020

-Student Of Accelerating Ascension with Corey Goode in 2020 

-Certificate of Completion- The Akashic Records Course with Sandra Anne Taylor and studied under Linda Howe

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